Human Enhancement and Drug Research

Human Enhancement and Drug Research

This research focusses on the use, misuse and dependence of drugs and medicines by humans. A funded study in this area is “An Ethnopharmacological Study on the Injecting Use of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIED)”. This research aims to investigate the contemporary user profile, sourcing route, product endorsement, risk perceptions and health outcomes of injectable performance and image enhancing drugs (PIED), namely: anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS); human growth hormone (HgG); tanning products melanotan I, II & bremelanotide; site enhancement oil ‘Synthol’; site enhancement liquids ‘Botox’ and dermal fillers. This study will add to the current knowledge base of users, policy makers and health professionals as it relates to recommendations for prevention, harm reduction and clinical treatment for injecting use of PIED’s across the European Union.

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